This season we’ll have a weekly segment called “The Big One” where we feature a game with post-game articles and/or analysis including video from our friends at Coon Rapids Sports on YouTube.  Our next “Big One” of the 2010 season will be Coon Rapids @ Blaine on Friday, October 1st (7:00pm).

Coon Rapids vs Blaine historically has been a big rivalry but it’s become less so for Blaine as they’ve completely dominated the series the last 10-15 years.  This season Blaine is off to a 4-0 start and has really only worked up a sweat once (week 3 vs Champlin Park).  They appear to be the team to beat in the conference and this game is their “homecoming” game.  Coon Rapids is off to a good start at 3-1 but enters this game on the heels of a heartbreaking double-overtime loss at Champlin Park.  All signs are pointing towards a Blaine drubbing.

A season ago Blaine won this game easily, 42-14.  Some bright spots emerged from that game however.  Coon Rapids opened the playbook and began moving the ball through the air which is something that teams have been able to do against Blaine this season.

Highlight videos of last seasons Blaine vs Coon Rapids game courtesy of Coon Rapids Sports on YouTube

Coon Rapids is a better defensive team than they were a season ago.  They have more skill on offense and they already have more wins than they had a season ago and they’ve only played four games.  But are they ready to compete with the big boys of the Northwest Suburban Conference?  For most of the second half last week I saw a team that expected to win but when the pressure turned up a notch I saw a team that was afraid to lose.

If Coon Rapids has any hopes of knocking off Blaine they must maintain an aggressive attitude/approach from start to finish.  Offensively they will need to utilize the pass more and take some shots down the field.  Defensively they are going to have to find a way to contain Blaine’s dual-threat quarterback Eric Kline (Sr).  Force him to beat you from the pocket and prevent wide receiver Marcel Deveaux (Sr) from getting behind the secondary for a big play.  These things are much easier said than done!

Other A-B-C games this week:

* Champlin Park @ (7) Andover
* Anoka @ Osseo


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