This season we’ll have a weekly segment called “The Big One” where we feature a game with post-game articles and/or analysis including video from our friends at Coon Rapids Sports on YouTube.  Our next “Big One” of the 2010 season will be Andover @ Coon Rapids on Friday, October 8th (7:00pm).

Andover enters this game feeling really good about themselves after shutting out the Champlin Park Rebels 28-0 last week.  The win brought them to 5-0 on the season tying them with Blaine for first place in the Northwest Suburban Conference.  Sandwiched between games against Champlin Park and Blaine this could be considered a “trap” game for the Huskies.  For the Coon Rapids Cardinals this game is as close to a must-win as you can get in the regular season.  Coming off a heartbreaking overtime loss at Champlin Park and complete meltdown at Blaine a win against Andover is needed to get things turned back in the right direction.

Can Rich Wilkie and the rest of the Andover coaching staff keep the players focused on “today” instead of looking ahead to next week?  Is there enough leadership and accountability within the Coon Rapids locker room, as well as the coaching staff, to right the ship?  It’s homecoming in Coon Rapids and those questions will be answered.

Other A-B-C games this week:

* (5) Blaine @ Park Center
* Maple Grove @ Anoka


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