This season we’ll have a weekly segment called “The Big One” where we feature a game with post-game articles and/or analysis including video from our friends at Coon Rapids Sports on YouTube.  Our next “Big One” of the 2010 season will be Centennial @ Coon Rapids on Tuesday, October 26th (7:00pm).

A season ago Coon Rapids gave heavy favorite Centennial a game for a half before the Cougars flipped the switch and pulled away 34-15.  Centennial was the #2 seed then and it was the first of three playoff wins that resulted in a trip to the State tournament.  This season their positions are somewhat reversed.  Coon Rapids (5-3) is the #3 seed and has the home field advantage while Centennial (3-5) is the #6 seed and is on the road.  They did not meet during the regular season so this will be the first time they have seen each other since that playoff game.

Highlight videos of last seasons Coon Rapids vs Centennial playoff game courtesy of Coon Rapids Sports on YouTube

Coon Rapids had a respectable season but they’ve only beaten one quality team (Andover).  The same could be said for Centennial if you consider a Champlin Park team without it’s best offensive player, running back Michael Sales (So), a quality team.  If Coon Rapids can limit their mistakes and control the ball they should win this game.  They are the better team and they are playing at home.  The last time they were in this position however they lost to Blaine in the 2007 playoffs and turnovers were a big factor.

Does Coon Rapids repeat 2007 with a first round playoff exit at home or will they have their revenge on the Cougars?  Can Centennial make a few big plays on defense and recapture some of the magic from their 2009 season?  We’ll find out tomorrow!

Other A-B-C Playoff games this week:

* Anoka @ Andover


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